Street Style


My favourite thing about street style is how diverse, relaxed and personal it can be. Everyones individual take on street style fasintates me. The possibilities are endless.

Street style is defined as fashion that isnt developed by designers or created in studios but has emerged from youth culture and individual creation.  What we see before us, in the streets and within in our culture is individual taste and perspective on style and fashion.  Street style in Australia is unquie, a splash of European and American style incorperated into our daily style and lives.

Whether you dress it up, dress it down, add some vintage textures or add ons to create your daily style, however it maybe, it’s indivdiaul and that is what makes street style extraordinary.

Happy life


Adding a bit of colour to your life and your day can brighten up your mood, your wardrobe and your personality. During these winter months when the weather is cold and gloomy some colour can do a lot. This could be as simple as using some beautiful sheets, flowers in your home something new and bright in your wardrobe.

Changing your hair, getting a manicure or something to up your mood. This does help. Trust me. I have done the background research. I suggest you try it too.

Have a happy day.



Vintage Loving

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Today’s adventure took me and a friend to a vintage shop called Hello Gorgeous in Hobart, Tasmania. 

Mind blown. The amount of amazing pieces, designer, pants, dresses, coats and shoes. You name it. Everything you could want was available. So where does one begin when sorting through all of these pieces and find what you love and well, need. There is lot of choice, you could spend a lot of time and money here. Somehow. This did happen to me.

Most of the items are at a price, but it’s the price you pay for vintage designer items. 

After shifting through multiple items that I loved, I spotted a vintage pair of Manolo Blanhiks. Exactly like the pair from Sex and the city. When Carrie is at Vogue and exclaims that she thought they were a urban shoe myth. The truth is. They are real. REAL I tell you. They are beautiful, perfect and the right size. Is that fate? Well I believe it is, so. I brought them. Can you blame me?

Now I’m super broke. But I’m pretty sure it is worth it. They will last forever. 

The great thing about vintage shopping is a lot of the items are timeless, wonderful and will continually look great. I was never really a fan of the whole second hand shopping saga, not sure if vintage falls into this sector. I am a bit of a convert now, I suggest everyone look for a good second hand store or vintage store. You never know what you’ll pick up!

Happy finding 


Personal Style

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images sourced from Vogue Australia. These images are what influences me.


Following fashion blogs will give you inspiration and ideas of style, fashion ideas, what looks good and what doesn’t.

You can read about how to get the look, how to stand out or how to make a statement.You can learn how to wear stripes, how to make double denim work, what to wear on a night out, or dressing to impress. How you incorporate the information in styling is personal. Your taste, ideas and visions will be different, this is a good thing.

The most important part of dressing and styling is individuality. Nothing will standout more than being different, and being yourself. Let your identity reflect.

Style is personal, while you can take ideas from your favourite best-dressed fashionistas, incorporating your own individual taste and ideas and placing them into a killer statement piece, this will make it your style. Whether you love simplicity or love to really dress up, knowing your own individual style will help to nail your every day look. Style, elegance and taste comes from within, we can communicate so much by the way we dress, walk and talk, it’s who we are.

Discovering what works for you comes down to trial and error and what you like. Get rid of anything that doesn’t work for you, or you no longer love. Purchase items that are flattering and you feel comfortable and happy in. understanding the style of the garment too will help with knowing how to wear it and how it should look on, but will help with styling the piece in all sorts of ways.

An important element of dressing and styling is to have fun, add pieces, dress up, dress down, add heels, flats or a scarf. Play with your outfits wear them differently, incorporate a belt, use different themes for your outfit. Play around and see what works for you and the outfit.

And finally, have fun, and rock your outfit.

Stay tuned for more personal style and style development posts.



The French stripe 

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Images sourced from the 

The ever stylish and beautifully fabulous Breton stripe. The sailor stripe made its appareance as the uniform for the French navy in 1858. 

Coco Chanel fell in love with the style and the unique look which she later incorporated into her 1917 collection. This was a breaking point in fashion, the era of casual dressing had started and was here to stay. 

Stripes are a staple item. A must in everyone’s wardrobe. Dress them up dress the down. Perfect for a super easy chick look. Captivating that street style look. 

The traditional nautical stripe of navy and white looks great with basically everything. We have a lot to thank the French for. Seriously. 

How to wear stripes? How ever you please. Pants, jeans, skirts add a cute pair of heels or flats. A little red scarf to really top the look off. Why not a boater hat to finalise a elegant twist on street style. 

Double denim 

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How to do double denim 

The era of double denim has returned. This is defiantly a good thing. The super chick look of double denim is a style that works for all. Whether it be completely matching or different tones of denim. The most important thing to remember is to have a bit of fun. Dress it up, dress it down. Add some heels or flats, some bold jewellery or maintaining a simplistic look with minimal jewellery and a cute scarf (round your neck or even as a belt for a bit of fun and to add a little extra detail to your outfit)

Double denim is a timeless look. Whether you’re a denim skirt, shorts, Jean or a high wasted lover. You can create something amazing using very little. I’m sure there are great hidden  treasures in your wardrobe that you’ve temporarily forgotten about. A vintage tee belonging to your mum. Knotted at the front teamed with your choice of denim makes for your own signature street style. So rock it. However you do it!